Large Leishman Pottery Mug


There’s a little pottery place on our route from Toronto to Collingwood that Heather and I like to stop in at whenever we’re travelling through there during daylight hours. Leishman Pottery is probably where we’ll get our ‘good’ dishes from when Heather and I get hitched. We’re not into china patterns. The idea of having ‘fine china’ as a wedding thing is totally foreign to us. It just doesn’t make sense. Pottery, however? Absolutely nuts for the stuff.

And this is one of our favorite little spots.

Maybe because you’re never really sure if they’re open. In one of those weird highway intersections, in the middle of nothing and next to some fields, is a little schoolhouse converted into a home with some additional buildings built around it. During the summer, the doors are usually open, but there’s never anyone just in the store area. But if you wander in, inevitably someone will appear. They might have a dog with them, they might not. They’re always happy to talk about the pottery, even if they were in the middle of something else.

I can’t remember what the motif is about. It’s a tree in the wind. I think.

I like this mug, but it might be a bit too big. I can nearly fit the entire pot of coffee that I normally brew in there, which is great. Less trips to the kitchen. But keeping the coffee warm and drink it at a leisurely pace? Nope. That last bit is going to be ice cold, even on a summers day.

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