Jon Partridge Pottery Mug


This was one of the first mugs in my collection. At the time I purchased it, though, I had no idea I was starting a mug collection. You see, at our family cottage, everyone sort of has their ‘own’ mug. Particularly, my father. He has a mug like this, at the cottage, and if anyone else is seen drinking from it, is met with stern words and the mug must be emptied, washed and returned.

This isn’t the original mug – I was given my original Jon Partridge mug by my parents around the time of my first job in advertising, to have my own ‘office mug’. It was knocked off my desk at some point, and broke on the floor. This is the mug I purchased the next summer, and have had ever since. It’s one of my favorites.

Note: The way the lip bows outward actually makes drinking the coffee more difficult, in some cases. It’s definitely meant for sipping, as tipping the mug as a regular mug results in coffee all over your face.

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