Way to go

Like most Canadians, I’m pretty disappointed with the behavior of the Canuck fans after their Stanley Cup loss. I’m pretty dissappointed a Canadian team didn’t win the Cup too. But that doesn’t make me want to go and burn the city down. I love hockey. I played for most of my youth. But I understand that it’s just a game.

However, as a nerd, I am stoked about the amount of coverage and the viral response to the riot – twitter a flutter with people begging the rioters to stop (though, I don’t think a lot of them were checking their accounts while they were smashing in the windows of London Drugs), The news spreading fast – but most of all I’m impressed with the volume of photographic and video evidence of people committing crimes. I’m pretty sure that most of these people will be caught and face charges, and that makes me happy that the crowd can now overpower the mob. Good job guys. This is something I started whipping up when I had a few minutes lull in my work, and finished off a nice round of em later. I’m tapped out though now, so enjoy. Click on any of the images to open a full-size gallery.

Want to make your own? Download the PSD file I used here: Ass Hat Template

16 thoughts on “Way to go

  1. Hey, those photos are perfect for identification by the police. Don’t forget to send them to VPD, there’s a link somewhere on their website where you can send evidence.

  2. One of these photos is not like the others…

    You mean to tell me the guy in the first photo did all that damage without breaking a sweat? I’m inclined to believe he’s just joking around in the aftermath. Every other photo has the spontaneity and filth and grime, he just looks like a guy sighing at the whole situation with a fake rage face. It’s the only photo perfectly in focus and perfectly framed.

    • That’s why I used that one instead of the three others I saw of people smashing out the windows with the same hockey stick. It’s perfectly framed. It’s a great photo. Actual story aside, the photo makes for the perfect image even if *he’s* not the one that did most of the damage. Does that make sense?

    • It makes for a good photo, but the presentation’s insinuation is that he did a lot more to those windows than he actually did. Likewise for most of it… just because someone poses for a photo in front of a flaming car or rocking out with a mannequin leg doesn’t mean they actually started a fire or smashed windows and stole a mannequin. If I were stuck in a riot that ridiculous, I would probably pose for some stupid photos, too. I haven’t watched all the videos, but I’ll assume these people are all shown doing the things they’re implied doing?

      Being photographed in the action of throwing mannequins, heaving/jumping on/igniting cars, running with your loot on the other hand… those are a lot harder to explain.

    • I think you’re thinking about it too much. I mean… I used the words “Ass Hat” like a dozen times. How seriously are you taking this? (‘this’ being these pictures, not ‘this’ being the riot.)

  3. ” a flutter with people begging the rioters to stop ”

    That is a problem with you Canadians, too much asking and not enough telling. Quit handling your riots like sissies and shoot those bitches with rubber bullets.

    • Personally, I think turning some firefighter’s waterhoses on the crowd woulda solved this right quick.

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