Drink More Water

Though caffeinated beverages like coffee or Red Bull are commonly held as the creative wake-up juice, make sure to drink a lot of water in the day, and especially at night if you’re working late. Ice cold and clean (filtered, if you’re so inclined), a refreshing chug of water can really bring your focus back, it can make you feel a little cleaner inside if you’re feeling a little gummed up and stressed out trying to eek out that next big idea.

I like to start my day with a cup or two of freshly ground, home brewed joe – my favorite grinds so far are Kicking Horse’s Grizzly Claw, Starbucks Holiday Blend and recently discovered Balzac’s. I love my coffee – sweetener, a bit of milk, and hot. I’m discovering though that I can’t just drink coffee anymore. I try to keep it to a little when I start working, and then switch to water as the day (or night) wears on.

There’s a lot of benefits to drinking water – Weight loss, energy, cleansing and it’s a headache cure. We always think of the physical benefits of it, often overlooking the mental benefits. What most people don’t realize is that creative work can be nearly as strenuous as physical activity – all those neurons firing use energy in a similar way. So, water is just as beneficial for replenishing a fatigued mind as well as rehydrating the body.

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