5 Year Challenge

This set of pieces was presented with a unique challenge. One of Coca-Cola’s channel retailers wanted a set of pieces created for their stores exclusively. The requirement that made them interesting was that they wanted artwork that could last for five years. While one might immediately think of durability of materials, I also took into consideration dynamic print pieces. I tried to create something that was simple, but would allow the retailers to alter the look of it to feature certain products.

To do so, I created a set of layered pieces, intending to give dimension and depth. The backdrop banner featured simplified coke branding artwork. While this piece would probably not change, there would be room to change it if needed.

The second layer would be a set of faces, peeking over the top of the fridge units. The intention was to create a set of a dozen or so faces, so that larger stores could use more, or less depending on their need.

The third layer was a set of hands, holding product, that would sit over the lip of the fridge units, giving the indication that the faces on the second layer were enjoying and showing the product. Each hand would have an interchangeable set of bottles that would fit in place, so that products being featured could be placed in front when needed – or later down the road, marketing programs could utilize these pieces in interesting ways.


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